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Remember the Prisoners of War and the missing in action

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 Marine Corps Community for USMC Veterans & Families.

The raising of the flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next 500 years." James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy.

Semper Fi,MC Flag

Bob "Rip" Arvidson
(Team Member 1957~1960)

FMFPac Drum & Bugle Team existed from April, 1953 to May, 1972.
Originally based at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, then relocated to Camp Smith, Hawaii until disbanded.
96 Team Members are on Current Active Roster, 42 are Known Deceased, 89 are Unaccounted For.
Contact: for more information:
Unaccounted for
2010 Reunion

Shared Recordings.

Check out some recent recordings from Al "Speedy" Gonzalez:

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new Check out 29 tunes recorded by the 24th Regiment 4th Marine Division Dand from the 1940's (Shared from Bob Keller, son of Drum Major Robert keller who served in that band)

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new Check out these tunes that were recorded by the III MAF D&B Base on Monkey Mountain in Viet Nam April 18, 1968 (Shared by Cpl David Clark)

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Remembering Vietnam

L/Cpl Don Cooper 0331

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MCRD San Diego Band

Welcome to my Marine Corps Field Band Website

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on April 10, 1969. It was a very educational juncture in my life. All of my experiences in the Corps, be them good, bad or indifferent, were of tremendous value to me throughout my life. With the recent events of the last few years, it makes me proud, as a Marine, to be a part of that unique brotherhood and witnessing that the tradition of United States Marine Corps is still flourishing. OOOrha brothers!!

There are so many names and faces. Too numerous to list. All of the faces are there but the names fade...Some that come to mind are:

Lt. Corky Whitney...Band officer conducting the band in the movie Heartbreak Ridge......Outstanding Band Officer and Marine
CWO4 Harry S. Bentley....Another Outstanding Band Officer......
CWO Herbie Day....... A Marine's Marine. Semper Fi..........
Gunny Charlie Butler....A tremendous ride-man, trumpeter and jazz band leader...
Gunny Lucas...Outstanding Marine
SGT James Keltner... On trumpet, he could do it all. He played ride man for Les Brown

Other names.........Top Kelly, Top "PPPPETE", SSGT Ford (Larue), SGT Arnwine, SGT Phil King, SGT Bahr, Bookey,  Nordgaard, Sparks, Arnwine, Johnson, Griswold, Owens, Sweeney, Dutch, Motherworm, Stone, Bolesworth, Netherton, Mauk, Davis, Orneles, Smith (Smitty), Crone, Castillo, Jamison, Davis, Ivanhoe, Morales, Carraway, Petrie, O'Barr, Hazelrigg...The names.......endless...

NewView a Photo Gallery of Field Bands Past....

Expert Rifleman National Defense ribbonNational Defense Good Conduct ribbonGood Conduct Medal
SGT Stipes

Sergeant Stripes Pay-grade E-5

Music pouch cover
Marine Corp Music Pouch Cover


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